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Skin Tone Means Research Skill?

By Robin Foster I just had another great chat with my friend and Co-Admin, Jan Mitchell. We always come up with some really profound statements in our conversations. Most of it, the world is not ready to hear. LOL! She summed up this evening's topic with one statement that needs being said: "Skin tone means research skill." Let me say right away that does not apply in our Facebook Group, Genealogy! Just Ask! Let me also say Jan and I are people of color, just different shades. She is a lighter color than me, but with us, skin tone does not have anything to do with skill set. We both think each other to be the best researchers alive on any topic and any locality. We were trained by the

Genealogy! Just Ask! Has DNA Now

By Robin Foster UPDATE: See DNA Genealogy! Just Ask! DNA technology has greatly advanced over the past few years. I have had my own DNA tested, and I have learned a lot about my ancestry. I have discovered and connected with cousins. Of the most important things you need to know when choosing to be tested, two come to mind first: 1. What test do I need? There are basically three tests right now Y DNA (yDNA) Mitrochondrial (mtDNA) Autosomal DNA You need to decide which test will provide the results that you are looking for. We are not experts, so we are not suggesting to our members what test they should take. 2. You need to decide which company offers the test you need. You need to in

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